Prof. Gavin Churchyard

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Prof Churchyard is a Network Coordinator on the TB Sequel Project at The Aurum Institute in South Africa. He oversees activities related to the overall coordination of the consortium and the conceptualization of research activities.

Prof Churchyard is a specialist physician with a PhD from Wits University. He is internationally renowned for his contributions in tuberculosis (TB) care and research. In addition, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Aurum Institute for Health Research, an independent, not for profit, proudly South African public benefit organization that focuses on TB and HIV service delivery, management and research. He is vice-Chair of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Transformative Science Group for TB, Chair of the ACTG Host Directed Therapy for TB Working Group, which is tasked with developing novel interventions for treatment shortening and morbidity reduction in HIV/TB, and an ex-officio member of the TB biomarkers working group.

Furthermore, Prof Churchyard has conducted numerous TB vaccine, TB treatment, TB prevention, TB diagnostics, HIV vaccine, and microbicide trials. He has done research on TB related morbidity and mortality. He has also done research into the pulmonary effects of TB, including the largest published study evaluating the effects of TB on lung function, including in those with HIV and he has contributed to high impact TB treatment trials.

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