The overarching aim of TB Sequel capacity development activities is to create new African Research Centers of Excellence and strengthen the existing ones which are able to conduct cutting-edge research within a broad spectrum of TB-related research topics, and to provide knowledge on specialized pulmonary assessment and long-term care for TB patients.

Our capacity development activities are not limited to staff employed by the 4 research institutions but will also include medical staff employed either with the collaborating hospitals or the National TB Programs. As a consequence, the medical infrastructure shall be strengthened and the general medical care of TB patients in the respective areas shall be improved.

The objectives of the capacity development work package are:
Individual infrastructure upgrading and…
Individual short and long term training for medical and administrative staff and young researchers working at the African institutions, such as:
  • Various mentoring programs, network research meetings and advanced research methods trainings
  • Training of pulmonology specialists,
  • PhD trainings in socio economic and explorative science sections: Host-Immunology and Pathogen
  • Distant MSc training in epidemiology or/and statistics
  • Training of internal clinical research monitors