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Prof. Lönnroth: TB Sequel Project Investigator, Karolinska Institutet

Prof. Lönnroth plays a pivotal role in the TB Sequel project at Karolinska Institutet, focusing on the assessment of both short-term and long-term socioeconomic impacts of tuberculosis (TB). His comprehensive oversight of these activities underscores the project’s holistic approach to understanding TB’s broader societal effects.

Professional Background
As a medical doctor with a specialization in Social Medicine, Prof. Lönnroth possesses a profound understanding of the intersections between health and societal well-being. He holds a PhD in Public Health from Göteborg University and the Nordic School of Public Health, reflecting his deep academic commitment to advancing public health knowledge. Prof. Lönnroth’s current tenure as a professor of Social Medicine at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, places him at the forefront of social medicine education and research.

Contributions to Global TB Efforts
Prof. Lönnroth’s career includes 14 years of significant contributions to the Global TB Programme of the World Health Organization (WHO), where he spearheaded the development of new global TB indicators. These indicators, crucial for assessing the economic impact of TB on patients and households, have been instrumental in shaping global TB response strategies. Furthermore, his coordination of policy guidance on health systems strengthening, TB screening, TB elimination in low-incidence countries, management of TB comorbidities, and social interventions has left a lasting impact on global TB care and prevention.

Research and Publications
With over 25 years of research experience in epidemiology, health systems, and social sciences related to TB, Prof. Lönnroth is recognized as an esteemed expert on the socioeconomic aspects of the disease. His scholarly contributions include more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and numerous WHO policy documents, highlighting his influential role in shaping both academic discourse and practical policy in the fight against TB.

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