Spirometry, Banjul Gambia

Spirometry, Banjul Gambia

Certificate of Competence in Foundational Spirometry short course and Spirometry Quality Assurance and Over-reading

12 – 16 August 2019

How many people can say they have visited 8 countries in a 24-hour period? Well that is what it took for me to arrive in Banjul! I left Maputo, stopped over in Johannesburg and then hopped through Douala, Lagos, Lome, Accra, Moldavia and finally landing in the lovely tropical city of Banjul in the very West of Africa.

How I looked forward to visiting the team in this teensy country and my visit did not disappoint. The TB Sequel team at MRC Banjul are delightful. As it turned out there were 2 public holidays in the middle of our special week, but this did not deter this happy and determined team of researchers who gave up family time to complete their Foundational Spirometry Short Course and a brief introduction to Quality Assurance and Overreading. Over and above this, much time was spent with the team leads honing and perfecting our skills in spirometry over-reading.

A special thank you to Muyiwa and Monics (Monica). You two make an incredible team of leads for your crew. Thank you so much for all your hard work in the preparation and during the training. I am bonded to you all and The Gambia and look forward to continuing with what we have started.


16th August ‘19

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