TB Sequel Launch


TB Sequel II launch – 2023


We are pleased to announce that all four sites have been initiated for TB Sequel II. Site initiation
visits took place in The Gambia (25-28 July), South Africa (13-15 September), Tanzania (18-21
September), Mozambique (23-26October). All the research teams attended a rigorous training on
the study procedures, sub-studies, informed consent processes, data management and plans for
The proposed research activities for the TB Sequel II will directly link with the existent research
platform infrastructure at all sites and address new research questions. We will make use of the
existent TB Sequel cohort to provide a unique prospective analysis of long-term PTLD-related
morbidity burden and health outcomes for a time period of up to 10 years after TB treatment.

Pic – NIMR-MMRC in Tanzania

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